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New Ohio Department of Natural Resources Rules Regarding Bat Exclusions

New Ohio Department of Natural Resources Rules Regarding Bat Exclusions

Bats are beneficial animals that play an important role in controlling insect pests and pollinating plants. However, sometimes they can become a nuisance when they roost inside buildings or structures. In Ohio, there are 10 bat species commonly found and they are all protected by law. Therefore, it is illegal to kill a bat for any reason unless a bite or potential exposure to rabies has occurred.

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If you have unwanted bats in your building, you may want to exclude them using a non-lethal method that allows them to safely exit but prevents them from re-entering. This can be done by placing an exclusion device over their main entrance and sealing all other holes. Exclusion devices can be made of netting, tubes, funnels, or valves that create a one-way exit for bats.

However, there is a restricted period for bat exclusions in Ohio between May 16th and July 31st. This is because bats have flightless pups during this time and excluding them would result in their death and cause more problems for homeowners. Mothers would try to get back to their young and may end up in living spaces.

Therefore, if you want to exclude 15 or more bats from a structure during this period, you need to obtain written authorization from the Division of Wildlife (DOW). This authorization is only granted for situations where human health and safety is at risk.

To apply for exclusion authorization, you need to follow these steps:

  • Inspect the property for bats and perform two bat watches at dawn or dusk at the structure within a 7-day period.
  • Complete and return a Bat Exclusion Authorization Application with your name, contact information, location of exclusion, number ofbats observed, exclusion method and nuisance control operator (if hired).
  • f approved, you will receive an authorization letter from the DOW with specific conditions and instructions for conducting the exclusion.

Please note that exclusions should also be done by professionals who have experience and knowledge of bat biology and behavior. Exclusions should be done carefully and humanely to avoid harming bats or violating the law.

For more information on bat exclusions or other nuisance wildlife issues, please contact us at 1-800-523-2521 or visit https://www.buckeyeexterminating.com/services/bat-information.

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