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Spider Control

Spider Control

Spider Control problems can occur for different reasons. Therefore, the best treatment approach can vary. Yellow Sac Spiders are closely related to Brown Recluse Spiders but are much more common in Ohio, and far less venomous. They are an indoor house spider and will bite like a Brown Recluse, but are much less aggressive. They both require thorough inside treatment to eradicate.

Spider ControlCellar spiders, also known as cobweb spiders are a completely harmless, indoor house spider. They are likely the most common house spider in the Midwest and are responsible for most of the cobwebs you find inside any structure. Because of their tiny feet pads, they do not contact residual pesticides well. Aerosol fogs are typically needed to control this pest. Wolf spiders are a common outdoor pest that invades country homes heavily in the fall and will be right at home to take up residence in a damp basement or crawl space. Treatments, therefore, need to focus on these areas.

Of course, spiders, in general, are nocturnal but extremely attracted to lights at night. Outside treatments for any type of spider outside, needs to focus on sides of the house that are most illuminated at night.

Many species of spiders are abundant near bodies of water due to the plentiful food source of midges, mayflies, and other aquatic insects. Spider control over water is some of the most difficult areas to treat. Any drippage in the water from treatment is problematic contamination. Night inspections with a flashlight during aerosol non-residual contact treatment of visible spiders is the best way to keep them under control on docks, boathouses, boats, and boat canopies.

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