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Air Purifier Sales & Service

Air Purifiers generate ozone and ionize the air. Ionized air rapidly breaks down particulates and odors of organic origin. These are some examples of uses for Air Purifiers.

AIR PURIFIERS are powerful enough to knock out most odor problems, but also adjustable for continuous household use. The OZONE BLASTER is for fumigation of terrible odor situations that demand immediate results. The Ozone Blaster is not for use in an occupied structure. High ozone levels become like a fumigant and are dangerous to breath. Low levels are safe and create cleaner air. Ozone smells like bleach. If an Ozone Blaster is used for more than a day or two, it may take several days to ventilate the excess ozone from the house.

Air Purifiers are available for purchase or monthly rental.

(See RETAIL PRODUCT Listing for current costs.)

Kills and prevents dust mites and other microscopic organisms.
Eliminates smoke odor after a fire.
Removes musty odors from basements or areas with moisture/ventilation problems.
Eliminates smoke odors from houses, vehicles, taverns, etc.
Eliminates rotten or dead animal odors.
Eliminates cat or dog smells from houses with pets.
Prevents dust build up and often eliminates the need for regular dusting.
Eliminates urine and fecal odors in homes of the elderly or incontinent.
Eliminates many chemical and pesticide odors

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