When moles become a problem in your yard, it is because of a plentiful food source. Moles are primarily insectivores. They require a diet of earthworms, grubs, insect larvae, millipedes, ants, etc. Although the home remedies for mole control are many, it has been our experience that baiting or trapping provide the best control. Catching a mole or two often solves the problem. One mole can often be responsible for an acre of damage!

The "here today, gone tomorrow" feeding behavior of moles make mole problems come and go on short notice. This makes any control measure difficult to implement and evaluate. It can make home remedies appear to work. It can also make effective trapping look fruitless when moles from adjacent areas jump main runways and quickly re-enter a controlled area. One thing is certain; regardless of how effective a mole control program may be, new moles will return to areas abundant with food.

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A poison bait which resembles an earthworm (SDS / Label). Moles typically die in their tunnels where they naturally decompose. Talpirid will not cause any harm to lawns, flowering plants, trees or shrubs.

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