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Mystery Bites

Mystery Bites

We receive hundreds of calls each year about insect bites. Many are bedbugs and fleas. Mites such as bird mites, chiggers (clover mite nymphs), straw itch mites and scabies mites are also common biting pests in the Midwest.

Mystery BitesSome are seasonal problems and some are not. Several times a month we get calls from someone experiencing bites from no detectable pest. While our job is to detect and identify the biting pest, we often find nothing. At this point, we must make sure we role out the possibility of an insect or mite causing the bites. While insects may be the first thing that comes to mind, many other possible causes of “bites” exist. Red welts and itchy inflammation are often the body’s immune system response to any foreign irritant or organism in the skin. Environmental contaminants can take many forms. Chemicals and detergents can cause allergic reactions. Microscopic fibers (paper shards) may be a cause at an office or workplace. Fiberglass insulation present in degrading construction materials is common. Bacterial skin infections can occur from dirty hot tubs & river water.

To make matters worse, a common symptom of various underlying medical conditions can be the perception or illusion of insect bites with very real irritation and inflammation in various areas. Sometimes this symptom is simply a side effect from legal or illegal drug use (Cocaine bugs). Sometimes stress or infections of the nervous system will cause these symptoms. More severe cases are diagnosed as Delusury parasitosis (DP). Many causes of DP are possible but a compromised nervous/immune system can create symptoms so severe, an individual can develop the unshakable belief they are infested with bugs. These people are desperate and they need help. Fortunately, this condition is usually treatable with a correct medical diagnosis.

If you need help with a biting insect problem, give the professionals at Buckeye Exterminating a call. We can help you find a solution to the problem by identifying or ruling out a biting pest problem.

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