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Solving your own pest problems!

Solving your own pest problems!

Mother nature does a pretty incredible job of solving her own pest problems. If anything in nature becomes too prevalent or successful, something else comes along to eat it or kill it. With that knowledge, it is logical that most pest problems we encounter were artificially created, by humans. So, when a pest problem arises, ask yourself; why is this a pest problem here? Then study the habits of the pest to learn what it likes or needs and what it doesn’t. You will see that pests, like us, will do what is easiest. So, ask what can be done to make things less inviting. For every pest, there are little things that make a big difference. Some common examples:

close up of brown bat hanging upside down from a t D7UHGMCFlies – Clean up spills, garbage & manure regularly. Daily if possible!
Mosquitos – Eliminate anything that holds water. Artificial objects & manmade drainage problems are the worst.
Rodents – Eliminate clutter & harborage areas anywhere near a possible food source.
Spiders – Reduce outside/nighttime lighting.
Fleas – Vacuum regularly. Especially areas where pets sleep and spend most of their time.
Bedbugs – Vacuum creases in upholstered furniture & around the bed with a vacuum crevice tool & wash bedding frequently.
Ants – Lightly spray peppermint oil or Lysol disinfectant in areas where they occur.
Termites – Keep water drained away from the house & eliminate wood-soil contact.
Bats – Seal structural entry points
The point is, there is nearly always something you can do to help or prevent your pest conflict. If you feel like you’ve tried but are not getting the results you want, give us a call at 1-800-523-1521. We can help.

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