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Squirrel Control

Squirrel Control

Squirrels are a cute, loveable neighbor, if they stay outside. When they start coming into your house, they can become the neighbor from hell. Since squirrels naturally live in hollow trees, your hollow walls and attic are a playground. From a model standpoint, squirrels may be the hardest animal problem to solve. Squirrel remediation jobs are sometimes quite simple and sometimes can get into many hours, traps, and thousands of dollars.


You will often not know the extent of the job until you have worked on it awhile. The standard approach is to locate the squirrel entry points, install exclusion doors/devices which act as one-way doors to get them out, then seal up all the entry points so they can’t get back in. Sounds simple, and sometimes it is. Unfortunately, squirrels have a gift for chewing new holes and a sense of persistence to keep living where they always have. If they have a nest with babies inside, they will not likely give up. Trapping and removing the offending squirrels is always helpful but can often be difficult. Of course, there are also many different kinds of squirrels. While the red, grey, and fox squirrels are the most common house pests, ground squirrels and flying squirrels can also become real pests in some areas. If you live in a neighborhood with significant squirrel populations, it is always wise advice to proactively seal any openings squirrels could use to get in. Keep live traps baited with peanuts/peanut butter and set around the property perimeter and promptly relocate any captured squirrels, at least 20 miles from the property. Of course, outdoor cats and dogs are often good deterrents for many animal pests on any property. Keeping tree branches, brush, and bushes trimmed back away from any structure helps deter squirrels, as it makes access more difficult. When roof access is easy, they will often continue chewing new holes to get in. Nixalite type “porcupine wire” installed in key areas can be the best long-term deterrent in alternative places.

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